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Rachael Mermaid Kissing Seahorse 2010
X stitch chart by Stephanie Faith.

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This page is devoted to giving you FREE projects and charts. New projects will be added, now and again, in the future :)

To save the charts, right button click and save to your computer to print out.

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UPDATED 6th November 2011

The SEAHORSES X stitch chart has been re-uploaded and is again there for you to download to your computer.

Please note that either a) linking your site to this image, or, b) selling / uploading this image to another web site / passing this image off as your own ... is illegal, it is theft - I am the sole owner and artist of this image.

These rules apply to any of my images / artwork / writing.

This X stitch chart is on two web sites - the CURVALICIOUS BLOG and at

I believe in freeware or sharing; it is my pleasure to share my work with you.  Please respect my copyright!

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Ginger Cat - FREE for hobby use


Free X Stitch Charts

Easter Bunny Riding Scooter
Rachael Mermaid Kissing Seahorse
Seahorses (colourful + abstract)
Baby Tortoise (mini cross stitch)

Free Embroidery Charts

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Free Craft Projects

How To Make Designer Gloves (easy, embellishing)
Stylishly Cover A Cheap Diary (easy, no sewing)
How To Make A Needle Roll (easy, sewing, recycling)
How To Make A Pin Box Cushion (easy, little sewing, recycling)
Inspiration For Embellishing A Plain Top (easy, sewing, recycling)

Other Freebies

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Soft toys, art, jewellery, etc.

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